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March 2015

Cleaning up our environment with Friends of Dueling Creek

Newly formed Friends of Dueling Creek are organizing a clean up day. Dueling Creek runs through Mount Rainier, but not many residents are aware of its beauty or the environmental issues from which it suffers. Ward 2 resident, Fran Toler,… Continue Reading →

Joe’s 20th Anniversary Gala

Joe’s 20th Anniversary Gala on Saturday:Encore! 20 More! was a beautiful affair which transformed the Mount Rainier community bedrock arts center into an elegant venue with live sculpture, costume exhibit, live music, and delicious food. Everyone from Joe’s regulars to… Continue Reading →

MtR Police Dept meets with Community Members

Last night’s community meeting with the MtR Police Department had Chief Scott and the entire police department answering resident’s questions. Questions ranged from ways in which officers de-escalate a situation, issues officers face during a heated encounter, MtR in the… Continue Reading →

State Highway Administration Meeting re: Queens Chapel Road

I attended last night’s State Highway Administration’s meeting with the community on redoing Queens Chapel Road between Hamilton Avenue and Eastern Avenue. Community members commented on their concerns including: traffic calming devices, plants & trees, bike lanes, sidewalks, and traffic… Continue Reading →

Tour of MtR Police Station

Police Chief Michael Scott gave a tour of the Mount Rainier Police Department to me and current MtR Councilmembers Jesse Christopherson & Jacqlyn Riposo. Through speaking with Scott and other members of the MRPD, I learned about some of their… Continue Reading →

Campaign Update & MRBA Meeting

Hello Friends & Neighbors! Canvassing has been great so far. It started when there was a ton of snow on the ground with many layers and snowboots and in a matter of 2-3 weeks, I am wearing sunglasses and short… Continue Reading →

Shah Announces Run for Mount Rainier City Council from Ward 2

Hello Neighbors and Friends, I am running for Mount Rainier City Council, from Ward 2. In my own work as an attorney and advocate, I have been helping people who have needed a voice or support. I’m a pragmatic and… Continue Reading →

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