If you have an issue you would like resolved or have a question,

1.Department Director or City Clerk
Please contact the the relevant department director first or the City Clerk. 

City Clerk D’arrell Belton DBelton @ MountRainierMD.org
or call City Hall 301-985-6586

2.If you still need assistance, then you may contact your City Councilmembers, Mayor, or City Manager.
You can contact your entire City Council at

Council @ MountRainierMD.org

Your email will be received by all 5 members of the City Council: 

Mayor Malinda Miles
Ward 1 Representatives Celina Benitez & Luke Chesek 
Ward 2 Representatives Bryan Knedler & Shivali Shah


3.Contact your Mayor or Councilmember individually

Mayor Malinda Miles  MayorMiles @ gmail.com
Councilmember Celina Benitez  CBenitez @ MountRainierMD.org
Councilmember Luke Chesek LChesek @ MountRainierMD.org

Councilmember Bryan Knedler BKnedler @ aol.com
Councilmember Shivali Shah SShah @ MountRainierMD.org

4.Contact your City Manager Miranda Braatz
MBraatz @ MountRainierMD.org


5.You may attend our city council meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month. At our legislative meetings on the first Tuesdays, you may make a Public Comment, make a Request, or submit a Petition.