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Election Day!

Election Day! Historic Turnout for Mount Rainier! The most number of voters that have turned out in Ward 1 and 2 in decades (possibly ever). As a city, we should be proud: About 480 residents voted. That is more than… Continue Reading →

Campaign Event #2

    Alan & Carol Binstock and Mimi & Steve McKindley-Ward hosted a lovely event at their home to allow me to get to better know neighbors who have lived here for longer than the 10 years I have been… Continue Reading →

Latino Baptist Church Hosts Radio Program for Kids

De Dios Es El Poder A friend invited me to her church to see her daughter participate in the church’s radio broadcast. It is part of a Spanish language radio station which has elementary school age kids in the radio… Continue Reading →

Campaign Event #1

After my first campaign event: Lego Brunch : A Special Ward 2 Election Edition. Thank you to Ayelet & Jon for hosting a lovely brunch. Thanks to Sarah, Santana, and Mauli for helping me make way too much french toast!… Continue Reading →


At the Waterhole for Baba Ras D’s Sunday 11am Drum Class for kids.($3 donation) The Waterhole also hosts other regular community events including Wednesday mornings, 11am, a meeting of the new parents club.  Parents and soon-to-be parents meet to share… Continue Reading →

Joe’s 20th Anniversary Gala

Joe’s 20th Anniversary Gala on Saturday:Encore! 20 More! was a beautiful affair which transformed the Mount Rainier community bedrock arts center into an elegant venue with live sculpture, costume exhibit, live music, and delicious food. Everyone from Joe’s regulars to… Continue Reading →

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