MRBAForum1-2On Wednesday evening, the Mount Rainier Business Association hosted their first ever Candidates’ Forum. Questions were taken ahead of time from local businesses and the public.


Welcome by Larry Solomon, MRBA President
2 Minute Opening Statements  from each candidate
Michelle Lee, MRBA Vice President,
led the Question & Answer Session

  1. What in your previous experience has prepared you to work with MRBA on economic development in the city?MRBAForum2
  2. What improvements would you like to see to the commercial sector and business district in Mount Rainier?
  3. What efforts will you make to ensure that your leadership and vision benefit our city on this side of Rhode Island Avenue (which extends from Eastern Avenue to Wells Avenue, down to the railroad tracks near Bladensburg Road), and how might you better connect Mounties so that they can share a pride in all of Mount Rainier, from top-to-bottom?
  4. Do you support bringing large retail chains to Mount Rainier to improve vibrancy? If so, how can we support the independent businesses so that they aren’t crowded out?MRBAForum3
  5. What are your thoughts on annexation of the unincorporated area near West Hyattsville Metro? If you are in support of annexation, are you in favor of passing legislation that supports allocating funding and resources to support the process?
  6. What is your position on requiring home owners to control bamboo in their yard, especially with regard to it encroaching and potential destruction of a neighbor’s property? (The city council was supposed to be developing a comprehensive plan to cover this and other invasive plants such as English ivy.)