Mount Rainier’s vision for the Mixed Use Town Center (MUTC) Zone incorporates the existing positive attributes and potential opportunities to create a walkable, vibrant, and attractive locale for residents and visitors.  The MUTC Zone roughly consists of the commercial areas on Rhode Island Avenue, 34th Street, and Bunker Hill Road. The MUTC Design Review Committee’s primary role is to review all exterior renovations, site improvements, and new development projects within the MUTC Zone.

MUTC Committee Appointments

The MUTC committee appointments are as follows:

Position Name Status
Business Rep Anthony “Tony” Lee Reappointed
Business Rep To be advertised and decided at a later time Robin Bliss previously was in this slot, and is now moved to the Residential Rep slot
Municipal Rep Councilmember Tracy Loh New Appointment
Municipal Rep Former CouncilmemberBrent Bolin Reappointed
Residential Rep Robin Bliss Reappointed to the MUTC committee, but moved from “Business Rep” slot to “Residential Rep” slot
Residential Rep Michael Stachowicz New Appointment
Design Professional Eric “Jack” Baker Reappointed


Request: MUTC Business Rep Still Needed

We still need someone to fill the business representative slot, since Robin Bliss was moved from the “Business Rep” slot to “Residential Rep” slot.  The business representative must have a business or property within the MUTC Zone. If interested, please let me know by August 15.